Warrior Wednesday- My road to American Ninja Warrior

Warrior Wed

It all started many years ago with many of my clients saying “you should totally try out for American Ninja warrior you would rock it.” After a few years and many changes going on in my life, like getting married, buying a home and starting a business.  I decided it was time to give it a go! After last seasons nail biting finish I decided to do an open casting call online.  I sent in my info not knowing what to expect or if I would even hear back from the Casting director, thinking  there is probably a 10 mile long waiting list.

To my surprised NBC and A. Deign Co. responded to my email and asked me to continue into the next steps of the application process.  They sent me a “super secret” web address that took me through an extensive 35 page personal history which included everything you could possibly imagine all the way back to which classes I enjoyed most in elementary school!  At the end of the seemingly endless application it stated “you are not guaranteed anything, you may or may not hear from us again!” I was like wow that could have been a huge waste of valuable time, but I hit the “send” button anyhow, again not getting my hopes too high.  About 3 months later I had almost given up hope but was continuing my training plan just in case I got a call.  Then I received another email! They wanted me to make a submission video that included my strength, talents, and personality! Now it’s time to have some fun and make a video that would make an impression and get me to the next level in the application process! Check out my submission video.  

Stay tuned as my journey to American Ninja Warrior continues!

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