Warrior Wednesday- My road to American Ninja Warrior part 2

Warrior Wed

I hope you enjoyed my submission video in the first installment of Warrior Wednesday! It was an amazing couple weeks following Joe Flacco’s shout out on Twitter and Facebook that I was in the running for ANW Season 7. The news spread really fast, I was getting lots of friend requests on Facebook, followers on Twitter and as the hype started to amp up, so did I.  With all of the social media attention, the casting agent called and asked me to make some minor edits to my video adding more of my non-training hobbies, my family and background.  Oh the power of social media!! The casting agent said he would forward the newly edited video to the executive producer and I should hear back from them by the end of April if I was selected.

So, the waiting began again.  I continued my training unsure of what would be next.  I figured I should take this time and try to get connected with other ninjas who had participated on ANW before. I knew there were few gyms in the area that did ninja training and Parkour, so I began to expand my network and seek the knowledge of the experienced ANW.  I went on Facebook and found Jaime Rahn a.k.a “Captain NBC”, who coincidentally is another Barrington resident living only a few short blocks away.  Jamie has been an ANW finalist in seasons past and I asked if he would be willing to do some ninja training with me and to my surprise he jumped right on board. Jamie is co-owner of Pinnacle Parkour, PPK for short, in Cherry Hill, NJ and we trained there on a few occasions. During our training, Jamie helped me with my Warp Wall skills and other ANW obstacle techniques. I was also fortunate enough to meet and train with Captain NBC’s friend and PPK co-owner Phil Pirollo, another ANW finalist. Phil helped me tweak my techniques specifically for the Warp Wall, which at the time was my nemesis!


AWESOME Warp Wall shoes!

I was stuck, I just couldn’t get to the top!  April was coming to a close and the call could come any day.  I was starting to feel a bit intimidated, until Phil said to me “Dude, you have the wrong shoes on! You’ll never make it up the wall in those running shoes.” It was my aha moment! Could it really just be my shoes?  It was April 30th  and I hadn’t conquered the Warp Wall yet and I still had not heard back from ANW. I decided I would follow Phil’s advice, head to Journeys and invest in some new shoes. I was hoping I would hear back from ANW that night, but I did not get the call and the month was now over.  I was feeling like I had let a lot of people down.

I opened EvoFit the next morning down on myself and it felt like it was going to be a long day.  All month long people had been asking me, “Did you hear anything yet from ANW?” But today, no one asked me and I knew my chance had passed me by.  I went home that day to relax and decompress from a good but long hard day. I was on the couch with my wife, Danielle, and our daughter, Brielle, just relaxing when my phone rang.  I looked at my phone and my heart stopped.  “Incoming call – Northern Los Angeles”! Had my call finally come through? Will I be the next American Ninja Warrior?!?

Stay tuned… The training intensifies next week 

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