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Power in your Posture!!

Instant results with Proper Posture!  It amazing how proper posture can enhance your appearance and physical well-being almost instantly.  At Evolution Fitness, the warm ups before class and correctives in your program, if done with intent, will help you achieve better posture.

pelvposition1Our technological and sedentary lifestyle is changing our posture.  Due to the use of cell phones, computers and sitting for long periods of time, the human body is changing its posture. What is proper posture for the human body?  To start, your head should sit centered over top of the shoulders.  If you saw your profile, your ears should line up with the front of your shoulders.  There is a natural inward curve of the neck.  Your chest is lifted and it sits directly above the rib cage.  The rib cage sits over top of the hips and the hips line up with the knees and arch of the foot.  Poor posture can be any deviation from this lined up body.  See below for an example of “Good” Posture and “Bad” Posture. 

5909076606_7ecde0a138_bOur bodies are made to adapt to the demands we place upon them.  But because the human body is a structure that must stay in balance, it will shift as our posture shifts.  For instance, constant use of cell phones and computers will create a forward head posture.  The head no longer sits over top of the shoulders but in front.  Working at a computer, the arms are forward, tightening the chest and rounding the shoulders.  To compensate for this shift in posture the lower half of the body must shift creating a forward pelvis, and arched back.   As I sit here now on the computer writing this, I must be conscious of keeping my head lifted, shoulders back and abdomen tight.  This will help to counteract the degradation of my posture.  All is not saved though because long periods of sitting will cause the hip flexors (muscles in the front of your hips) to shorten, the Hamstrings to lengthen and the Glute muscles to become weak.  We need strong Glute muscles to stand up, walk and even run effectively.

The human body is designed for movement.  However, movement without proper posture will put  strains on the joints, lower back and neck.  This strain over time can develop pain or even injury.  31 Million Americans experience low back pain at any given time.  Proper posture will help you feel and look better physically. 

Which person has better posture?  The one on the right where the figure is standing up tall or the one kn the left where the figure is hunched over with its head jutting forward, sunken chest and belly sticking out.

Stand and sit up tall.  Your body will feel better as well as your mind. Studies show that there are psychological benefits.  You will feel more confident and positive.  Add a smile and nothing can stop you.

So, next time you are at the gym, be sure to get there in time to do your foam rolling and warm up.  Exercises like the Quadruped Scap Push up, Band pull a-parts and wall Y’s will all help you to get those shoulders back and stand up tall. 

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