Evolution Fitness has the solution: our cutting edge, scientifically designed, AWESOME Group Coaching Classes!

Group Coaching Classes at Evolution Fitness are what most would refer to as boot camp classes.  Our Group Coaching Classes are total body workouts which incorporate both strength training and cardiovascular training into one AWESOME workout. They are designed to rev up your metabolic engine so you continue to burn fat and build muscle!  All of our programs are based on the latest scientific research and developments in exercise science. Each program changes monthly to keep your body guessing and the results coming! All classes have 3 different variations monthly (A, B, & C) with a fun unique name.


The Ultimate Fat burn programs designed to Tone, Strengthen and Shred your body. These programs are designed to build a strong foundation of lean muscle, strength and a powerful Core. Our three variations of this class will help prevent injury and keep you motivated as you will continually see progress and shred body fat.

  • Tone (A) Designed as a combination of Loading, Isolation and Compounded sets to build strong long and lean physique, while shredding your core giving you the strength to survive daily living.
  • Strengthen (B) Designed to develop movement skills and muscular tension to develop full body strength and sculpt your lean mass.
  • Shred (C) Designed to blend power, core strength and explosiveness, to bring out your inner athlete, shred off unwanted pounds and tone you body in way the will definitely turn heads at the beach.

LEAN MACHINE 45-60 min

The programs designed to challenge, strengthen and lean out your body. Our three variations of this class will bring out your inner competitor, set your metabolism on fire and build a stronger you!

  • Beat the Clock (A) Your Coach gets down in the trenches with you and leads you through four circuits.  Each Circuit is time based and you will count each and every Rep.  Your goal is to challenge yourself to do more reps in the next round. Get Ready to move and Beat the Clock!
  • MetaCore (B) Challenging Core based work out, Tabata Style!  Paring Strength and Power Movements with Core challenging exercises to create a workout your body will remember long after it’s done!  Set your Metabolism on fire and build a core stronger than ever before with MetaCore!
  • Rep It Out (C) This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout will build Muscle, Strength and Power! Rep It Out will take your energy systems and muscles to the edge forcing your body to rebuild and come back stronger and more powerful.  Rep It Out!!


Our Energizer is designed for the on the go person with busy a lifestyle or for the days that you just can’t squeeze in a full hour workout, we have condensed our awesome programs into a 30 minute calorie blaster. These classes are designed to fit in your daily schedule and get you results in the shortest time possible. 

  • Big Group (A) Boot Camp style for those who like a group setting and need some extra motivation to keep you moving.
  • Coach Lead (B)This class provides direct visual feedback from one of our professional coaches who will be Training with the group right by your side.
  • Blast (C) Is a combination of small group training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) intervals to tone the Body and get the best Cardiovascular development with out having to spend endless hours on a treadmill or cardio equipment.

TUNE-UP 30 min

Results = Exercise + Recovery.  Our Tune-Up class is the recovery half of the equation. This class will teach you the best and latest soft tissue stretching, foam rolling, and regeneration techniques as well as self-massage methods to empower you to take care of your body. These techniques will help bring nutrition to your muscles, make you more durable and resistant to injury, and in general you will feel better!  Plus, you’ll get better results!

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