Class Descriptions

Total Body45-60 minutes – Total Body is exactly what it sounds like: a full body workout that will challenge your muscles, build strength, and burn a ton of fat! This is the class where you’ll build that healthy, lean muscle mass to make you look more toned & turn your body into a fat-burning machine!

Metabolic45-60 minutes – Not your traditional cardio class, we call the Metabolic class our full body deluxe! Utilizing the best in scientifically researched cardiovascular system training techniques, it will ramp your energy levels to an all-time high and put your fat-burning engine into overdrive! If you love cardio classes, then you don’t want to miss out on this one!

ExpressA hybrid of our Total Body & Metabolic, you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve in just 30 minutes when you’re following an expertly designed workout program. All you have to do is BRING IT, 100%! Work hard, work smart, GET RESULTS!

Tune-up: Results = Exercise + Recovery. Our Tune-Up class is the recovery half of the equation. This class will teach you the best and latest soft tissue stretching, foam rolling, and regeneration techniques as well as self-massage methods to empower you to take care of your body. These techniques will help bring nutrition to your muscles, make you more durable and resistant to injury, and in general you will feel better! Plus, you’ll get better results!

WARRIOR QUEST: NEW CLASS  Warrior Quest is based on flow state science that includes body weight movement exercises including fundamental Parkour.  This class is designed to enhance results and performance up to an additional 30%. Learn the skills to jump, balance, vault, climb, swing, and complete dynamic obstacles designed to hone in on YOUR Flow State. Every class is designed for all levels utilizing the series of progressions to accomplish the challenge. Be ready to focus AND sweat! Flow state science has been studied and proven to increase brain function, weight loss and fitness overall.  In addition, this class prepares any individual for obstacle course racing such as, Spartan Race, Tough Mudders and Ninja Warrior. Warrior Quest Classes are part of our Warrior Quest memberships.

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Saturday & Daily Class Rotation Schedule

Our Group Coaching Classes Rotate every Saturday and you can find the rotation schedule in the first chart below.  In the second chart, you will find the rotation schedule for the specific class that will be taught each day.  Every month, 3 versions of our Total Body, Metabolic and Express classes are written and rotated though out the month.  For example, on Tuesday, 4/4/17, at 5:45a, Metabolic C will be taught while the following Tuesday at 5:45a, Metabolic A will be taught.


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