Muffin-Top Meltdown – Week 4

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This was the final week of the Muffin Top Meltdown.  Last week was tough being sick but, I’m finally feeling much better and I had the energy to work out again.  However, this week was jam packed with lacrosse playoffs, America Ninja Warrior (ANW), Memorial Day weekend festivities and I wanted to finish out the challenge STRONG.

Photo Jun 09, 12 52 00 PMMy overall experience with the challenge was great and I did not want it to end! Every day, I’m learning from other experts and professionals who lead just as hectic and busy lives as I do.  How they are able to spend time with their families, grow their businesses, attain their big goals and dreams, yet still find time to accomplish everything.  Currently, I’m reading this book, The Perfect Day Formula, by Craig Ballantyne.  Craig’s book is about designing your lifestyle by creating the perfect day.  Wouldn’t we all love to have the perfect day… heck the perfect LIFE!

My take away from this book so far is to have structure, personal rules and planning.  Just like the MTM, there was structure to the challenge, rules to follow and planning ahead in order to succeed.  Like anything else it’s a work in progress.  I’m proud of my end results from the MTM fitness program.  Since the start of the challenge, I am feeling stronger, but my journey is NOT over… I’m going to continue as I still have goals to achieve and results I want to see.

This week was a tough week for Brian too.  He started off the week with the stomach bug then just a few days later we learned that the legacy of the Kane family, his grandmother “Bamma”, had passed.  She was an amazing woman and lived to be 101!  We will cherish all the memories of her, the wonderful large family she created and the beautiful life she lived.

Unfortunately, Brian was not selected for ANW this year, but he did get the opportunity to test the “Philadelphia 2016 City Finals” course.  What this means is that he got to test the obstacles on the course before the contestants who qualified for the City Finals ran the course.  The obstacles would then be adjusted based on how the testers performed the obstacles.  He was happy to be on the course, hang out with the other ninjas and see them run the City Finals course till all hours of the night.  Considering his current circumstances, he was pleased with the outcome.   Although things may not pan out the way we want at times, opportunities present themselves when we least expect them.  So don’t let flat tire syndrome happen to you. 

Muffin-Top WinnersWe are super proud of all the members that took on the MTM challenge.  With the summer approaching it was great to see the determination they had even when it can be difficult with all the distractions.  BIG congratulations to mother and daughter, Jill & Courtney, for completing the challenge.  We are so proud of all their hard work, dedication and support for each other throughout the month.  YOU ROCK!!!



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