Muffin-Top Meltdown – Week 3

Meltdown Meltdown

Coming off a busy week, I was mentally focused and ready to up my game this week with 4 workouts and rocking my Muffin Top Meltdown (MTM) fitness program.  Tuesday I took an awesome Total Body class and had tons of energy.  As I was gearing up for the next day….BOOM I wake up with a sore throat.  Darn….am I getting sick?  I was around a ton of people who were sick with colds, but I thought I had beaten it.  Then Brielle, my daughter, woke up Monday morning with the sniffles.  I knew then that my chances were slim to remain cold free and that I too might get sick.  Well, that was it … I was hit hard! 

Of course, the best thing was to rest, but my mind didn’t want to rest; I wanted to keep going strong.  By Friday, I was feeling better and thought I could try and get one workout in or just do the MTM fitness program.   I started off with just my corrective exercises and I quickly realized I just didn’t have the energy to move forward and I felt weak. 

We often forget how important rest and recovery is especially when we are looking to get results.  This always seems to happen to me when I get started on a new plan, but the key here is to rest and build my immunity to be ready for next week.   I switched my focus to my nutrition, getting more sleep, drinking my Alive Vitamin C at least 2x a day (I swear by it) and keeping hydrated.  The cold has definitely lingered longer than I’d hoped, but I’m BACK and ready to go for week 4. 

While Brian has been anxiously waiting to hear from America Ninja Warrior (ANW), he was focused on his MTM program and ninja training.  Brian finished his max deadlift of 27 reps at 135 pounds, 50 pushups and 22 med balls slams.  I appreciated Brian’s help and staying strong for me while I was down and out. 

I had the opportunity to check in with two members this week, Kathy (in Red) and Jill (in Pink), who have been rocking the Muffin-Top Melt Down. 

“Challenges like the Muffin-Top Meltdown help me reset my mind about what I am capable of doing.  It gives me an achievable short term goal to catapult positive changes.  I feel stronger, leaner and more motivated.”  – Kathy

Meltdown kathy Meltdown Jill Meltdown Kathy Meltdown Jill

“I feel stronger in general.  I love doing the shuttle runs because they make me feel like I’ve still got it.  The Muffing-Top Meltdown Nutritional Guidelines have really helped too because I am more conscience about what I’m eating.  Anyone who is not taking full advantage of what Evolution Fitness provides is not doing all they can do for THEMSELVES.  I call this place my sanctuary and I’m so glad to have such a unique place where I can go and be all that I can be.”  – Jill

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