Muffin-Top Meltdown – Week 2


We started week 2 strong with our workouts scheduled, our food prepped and packed and our minds focused on the training at hand.  It was going to be a challenging week though.  I had a Lax team dinner and a benefit that week (everything there was NOT part of the nutrition plan).  I find it interesting how so many people will not START a challenge or a plan because of obstacles.  For example, business trips, vacations, parties, etc. would be considered obstacles.  Let’s face it, there will always be obstacles and we can’t let them take control of our lives.

At Evolution Fitness, we like to refer to the analogy called the “Flat Tire Syndrome“.  What do you do when you get a flat tire?  Do you fix the flat tire or do you decide to slash the other 3 tires?  Of course you decide to fix the flat.  Slashing the other 3 would be crazy, right?  So, when you have a few days of vacation or a party…that’s your flat tire.  Accept it and move on.  Don’t let it derail you into thinking that since you didn’t stick to the plan you have to give up and “slash the other tires”.  What I’ve learned and what helps me to move on is being aware of what I’m eating.  The team dinner and benefit are behind me.  The rest of the week was great!  Honestly, my body tells me how sorry I will feel when I don’t follow my nutrition plan.  I immediately get right back on track and continue to move forward.

Brian and I are very happy with our RESULTS with our fitness goals!  We both improved in our max deadlifts.  Our first deadlift weight was set at 75% of our total body weight.  Brian was originally deadlifting 115 pounds maxing 40 reps and finished last week at 125 pounds maxing 46 reps.  Way to go BK!  Each week you are to progress your weights at least 5 pounds.  I started my deadlifts at 100 pounds maxing 12 reps and finished last week at 105 pounds maxing 11 reps.  Overall our push ups and med ball slams have improved.  The shuttle run still kicks my butt every time, but what great cardio!!!

Meltdown Courtney's resultsThis week, I had the opportunity to connect with one of our members, Courtney, who’s rocking the challenge.  I see her dedication and commitment when I see her coming in every day.  Courtney shared her experience with me thus far.  “I’m already feeling stronger in just two weeks,” said Courtney.  “I can actually do a FULL push up and I’ve improved to up to 22 reps.  I’ve always felt that my lower body was stronger, but now I can feel the strength developing in my upper body.  I feel amazing and I’m very motivated to finish this challenge strong.”  Courtney tracks her fitness progress with the Muffin-Top Meltdown Guidebook (above) and I captured Courtney performing her Max Deadlifts (below).

Meltdown Courtney DL  Meltdown Courtney DL  Meltdown Courtney DL  Meltdown Courtney DL

Stay tuned to week 3 of the Muffin-Top Meltdown and getting Beach Ready Baby!!

-Danielle Kane

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