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Featuring: Brian Kane, Danielle Kane, Helena Duzenski, David Duzenski, Rachel Cosgrove, Alwyn Cosgrove, Amy Wunsch, MSPT, Brett A. Riesenhuber, BS, CPPT, Brian Bott, Chris Olmstead, Carmela Lieras Lewis, BA, Mike Wunsch, Kian Ameli, Craig Rasmussen, Daniel Jackowicz, Hristo Hristov, Pamela Altstatt, MS, CEP, Ryan Pang & Peter Levidis.


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The four owners of Evolution Fitness, Helena & David Duzenski and Danielle & Brian Kane, are proud to have co-authored the best seller, Get With The Program, along with this select group of fitness experts. They are honored to have received the Editor’s Choice award for their contribution to this wonderful book. Below is an excerpt from their chapter, titled “The Evolution of the New You.” 


Get With the Program Sneak Preview:

The struggle to shed fat and get healthy is shared by many. On the one hand, that’s a good thing because it means that there are a lot of people out there who are trying to change their lives for the better. On the other hand, the fact that it is a “struggle” means that many of them are having a tough time achieving their goal. If you, too, are struggling, take heart and read on. The “Magic 7” elements we lay out in this chapter will lead you to success just as they have for many of our members.
We would like to introduce you to Chris, female, aged 47, who was struggling just like you when she first joined Evolution Fitness. Like many of you, Chris is a busy woman with a lot on her plate. She and her husband are raising four beautiful children, one of whom has autism, which can add to the daily challenges of life. Chris had known about Evolution Fitness for a while through a friend who already belonged, but she didn’t think she had the ability to work out like we do. She didn’t believe in herself. Then came the fateful day she went to the doctor’s and stepped on the scale for the first time in over two years. She was 235 lbs., the heaviest she had ever been. Shocked and dismayed by the number that she saw, she signed up later that afternoon. Although she was still not convinced she had what it took, she was desperate for change.
Now, one year later, Chris weighs 189 lbs. and has a mere 16 lbs. of body fat left to lose in order to have a healthy body composition for a female of her height. Of her 189 lbs., 133.41 lbs. is solid, lean muscle, which is fantastic, and her body fat percentage is 29.8%. (Normal range for females is between 18% and 28%.) Now, rather than just hoping to fit into regular-sized clothes, Chris sees a future where she is one of the “hot moms” with a toned, fit, athletic body. The transformation in both appearance and mindset is remarkable, not to mention how much healthier Chris is on the inside. One of Chris’s primary motivations, besides wanting to fit into normal-sized clothes, was to get her health under control. She knew her family couldn’t afford for her to get an obesity-related disease. Her children were depending on her to take care of them and they were still very young. When Chris joined Evolution Fitness she wasn’t looking for a quick fix. She was looking for a complete lifestyle change.
So, how come Evolution Fitness worked? What was it that helped her to succeed where she hadn’t before? Based on both our expertise and our experience, we believe there are 7 elements to successfully making the type of lifestyle change Chris did, and shedding pounds of body fat in the process.
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