Kid’s Charity Workout with Joe Flacco Raises $3,700 for CHOP

We raised $3,700 for CHOP with our Kid’s Charity Workout with Joe Flacco!

On Sunday, June 2nd, Super Bowl Champion, MVP Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens and Evolution Fitness of Cherry Hill, NJ joined forces to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) with a charity workout.  A “kids-only” workout, it was open to 50 children ages 8 – 15 with a minimum donation of $20.  All the participants were encouraged to collect donations from family and friends to help raise money for the cause.  The youngster who raised the most got to partner with Flacco during the workout.24

The winner, Julie Weikart, age 15, hit the ground running as soon as she found out what the prize would be.  She held a muffin sale, did chores around the house and at her mother’s church, sold some of her clothes, and donated some of her own money.  Because of her efforts, she raised $644 for CHOP!  “It was really cool working out with Joe,” said Julie.  “He’s so nice and easy to talk to and funny! It was one of the best experiences I have ever had!”


“It was a blast working out alongside Julie and with all the kids who participated.  I think it’s so important that children are encouraged to be active and this charity event for CHOP did that,” said Joe Flacco, quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. “I am so proud of all their efforts to raise money for this worthy cause.”

“We would like to thank all the children who participated in the charity workout for the effort they put forth to raise as much money as possible for CHOP,” said Danielle Kane, co-owner of Evolution Fitness, the gym in Cherry Hill, NJ that organized and hosted the event.  “We would also like to thank all those who donated that day, as well as the friends and family members of the children who contributed to the cause.  And, of course, a big thanks to our member, Joe Flacco, who was so instrumental to the success of this charity event.  We can’t wait to deliver the $3,700 check to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!”

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