Holiday Survival Guide!!

holiday survival guide 2015They’re here!!  Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s all are happening in the span of 5 weeks.  Does this mean five weeks of temptations, overeating and indulgences? It’s up to you! Studies show that the weight you gain during the holidays is usually never lost and is mostly made up of fat.  Your body fat percentage will go up and that can be difficult to change.

Here are some tips to help you survive, thrive and keep your body fat percentage down during the holidays.

  • Stay focused on eating a healthy diet.
    • During the week, continue to eat a diet full of colorful vegetables, dark leafy greens, lean protein, some fruits and healthy fats.
    • Don’t starve yourself so you can then over eat later. Fill up on healthy, low calorie foods before the holiday celebrations. 
    • When you are at a holiday party, make good choices but don’t deprive yourself. If you are following a healthy diet most of the time, a treat should not derail your commitment to keeping your body fat percentage down.  
    • If you do overindulge, be sure get back on track the next day. Limit your calories the next day and get most of them from a variety of vegetables.  Also, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.
    • If you are the host, send the leftover food and desserts home with your guests so it is out of your fridge!
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to burn those extra calories. Find creative ways to get your body moving.
    • When you go to the mall holiday shopping, don’t hunt for a close parking spot. Be thankful for the lack of parking, pick a spot far from the doors and get in a brisk walk.  Parking further away can cut down on your frustration and the time you spend circling the lot or following someone to their car to take their spot (only to find out they were just dropping off their purchases and going back for more!).  The farther parking spot can also makes for an easy get away!
    • At work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even try a quick walk on your lunch break or use the restroom that is further away or on another floor.
    • Make a plan to hit the gym at least 4 times a week. Whether you are doing your program or taking a class.  
    • Be sure not to miss our annual TurkeyBurn! This FUN charity workout starts at 8:30am on Thanksgiving morning.  Burn off the calories before you even eat them and set your metabolism on fire for the next 24-48 hours!  That slice of pie will be burned off instead of sticking to your thighs… or somewhere else!
  • Take advantage of EvoFit’s Holiday Hold’Em chips
    • This challenge begins at 6pm on November 25th, the day before Thanksgiving, and ends January 1, 2016. There is a “Buy In”, $10 and an InBody measurement, a calendar with tasks to keep you on point and a Jackpot of prizes at the end. After January 1st but before January 9th, another InBody measurement is taken and the two InBody measurements are compared.   
    • How do you win? If you keep or lower your body fat percentage by the end of the holidays, you win! Winners will get their “Buy In” back and be entered in a drawing for one of the prizes in the Jackpot.  The only thing you have to do is maintain or lose is your body fat!
  • Remember to find some time to relax and recover. Stress will cause you to release the fat storing hormone, cortisol. You will want to keep this down to a minimum.
    • Just 10 minutes of quiet time will help to recharge your batteries. Turn off the music, TV, phone and computer.  Close your eyes and listen to your breath.  You can do this either sitting in a chair or lying down. 
    • Come to Evolution Fitness and take a Tune-Up class.
    • Take a nice hot bath with Epson salts or be mindful when taking your shower. Be thankful for your strong healthy body.
    • Take a deep breath while stuck in holiday traffic or in the long lines in the mall. Plan ahead and shop early or at an off-peak time.  Or better yet, stay in your jammies with a cup of coffee and order online!

The holidays can be a challenging time of year.  There is no reason to make them more difficult by adding unwanted body fat.  It’s a holi-DAY not a holi-WEEK, so can treat yourself on the holiday but you also have to be mindful the days leading up to and after the holiday.  Start the New Year off right by making a commitment now to be in the best shape ever in 2016!

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