Get the Most out of Every Workout……..Make your Workout Work for you!

get the most out of your workout

Make your Workout Work for you!

How do you make your workout work for you?   Be mentally present.  During every class and semi-private, your number one goal should be good form.  Rely on your coaches to give you cue’s to improve your technique.  Concentrate on making every lift, skip and sprint one of your best.

Equally important is to be well nourished.  Always have something to eat before and after your workout.  A carbohydrate like a banana, apple or bowl of steel cut oatmeal prior to your training session will provide your body with the energy you need to do your best.

After your workout, be sure to refuel your body with one of our recovery shakes or a meal.  If you choose a meal, it should provide you with the necessary protein, carbohydrate and fat for rebuilding a strong body.  This is your recovery time.  The recovery time can be just as important as the workout itself.  Be sure to Foam roll BEFORE you leave the gym, something always comes up and next thing you know an hour has passed. On a non-workout day, come in to take our Tune-up class or a leisurely stroll around the block. Drink plenty of water and plan to get a good night’s rest.

Just these few simple steps will help you to maximize your time in the gym and achieve the results you are striving for.

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