EvoFit Games Challenge – The Particulars

headerWhat is a challenge?  In Wikipedia it’s defined as a call to take part in a contest or a dual.  It is also defined as an objection or a query into the truth of something.

As you may have seen, Evolution Fitness has sent out a call to take part in this year’s EvoFit Games Challenge!  This is the year where you object to that inner voice that may be telling you that you aren’t strong enough or quick enough and listen to the voice that says,” I CAN and I WILL!”

In our lives we are presented with many challenges.  When we meet those challenges with a positive attitude and overcome whatever obstacles are presented during those challenges, we become stronger in mind, body and spirit. Some challenges are out of our control and are thrust upon us. We have no choice but to deal with the situation as best we can.  Some challenges are ones we choose to take on.  Realizing that we have the choice to shape our destiny and make changes in our lives can be very empowering.

This challenge is 5 weeks long and consists of exclusive EvoFit Games classes, nutritional guidance and journaling, special challenge t-shirt and will culminate on November 21st with the 2015 EvoFit Game Day.  Eon game day you will compete against your fellow challengers in 10 different events where you will be given the opportunity to showcase the strength, power and abilities you have gained over the past 5 weeks.  Check out our YouTube Video showcasing the events.  A cash prize will be given to the top Male and Female challengers.

Staring on October 20th, you will be provided with all the tools you need to dispute the truth or validity of the belief you hold about your own strength and power.  You will receive nutritional guidance and a nutrition journal.  The journal will be a place for you to record your daily food intake.  It will give you an opportunity to tune into how your body is reacting to the food you are nourishing your body with and how you feel.  After a week of completing your journal, you will be able to review it and see where changes need to be made.  The journal will also provide you with a sense of accountability.  You will most likely avoid unhealthy food choices if you know you will be recording them.

Exclusive 30 minute EvoFit Games classes will be added to the class schedule.  Each week, the exclusive classes will focus on 2 of the events and the skills needed to be successful on Game Day.  At every class, one of our Evolution Fitness Coaches will be available to provide guidance, tips, foam and advice on how to successfully complete the events on Game Day.  For example, learn how to climb a rope, cross the Monkey Bars and flip a big tire safely and effectively.  The classes are available to Members and Non-Members who sign up for the challenge, however, members of Evolution Fitness with gym access will have unlimited access to the gym to practice for Game Day.

Remember you are the one making the choices and controlling your destiny during this challenge, but you are not alone.  A team of experienced fitness professionals will be there to guide you.  Each one of our coaches have set goals for themselves and know what’s it’s like to work through obstacles to achieve those goals.  They know what it’s like to win and sometimes lose but to get back out there and continue to build on their success and learn from their mistakes.  Draw upon their experience.

This challenge can be life changing.  When would be a better time but NOW to accept this challenge and grow in your strength, fitness and experience!  Finish this year with a bang and rocket into 2016 more fit than ever before.  Say to yourself today, “I CAN and I WILL”!

Stop in or call today to register! 856-751-1300


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