Bio Specific NutritionBio Specific Nutrition

  • Do you want to lose weight or tone your body?
  • Do you have a lot of stress or anxiety?
  • Do you feel sluggish and want more energy?
  • Are you stuck in a routine and want a fresh start?

Many people try to get healthy, but struggle to find what works best for them.  We have a formula for success to get you the results that you are desiring.  

  • Cutting-Edge, Scientific & Holistic Approach
  • Highly Individualized & Comprehensive Assessment
  • Fundamental Tools for Immediate Impact & Lifelong Success 

Our Holistic Nutritionist, Vito, has taken the guess work out of the latest studies and combined them into a comprehensive Bio-Specific Nutrition Consultation Program.  He doesn’t just ask you what you eat and when; but he asks you what you brush your teeth with, what you drink and even what you wear!  Each program is tailored specifically to each individual and their specific needs. Check out this interview with Vito.

“The mental comes first, then the physical. Every thought, every action impacts. Your whole lifestyle must be conductive to health. Variety is key. Our bodies are built for quick bursts, like climbing a tree or hunting game. Mix it up. Keep it fresh. Challenge yourself. Flexibility is essential to strength and endurance. Stay balanced. Know when to push, and when to rest.” -Vito

We are currently offering different two levels of our Bio-Specific Nutritional Consultation Program: Immediate Impact and Life Long Success.  During your FREE Nutrition Strategy Session with Vito, you will discuss what you are looking for and how our program can work for you.  Based on your discussion, Vito will determine which level program is the best fit for you and your needs.  

Bio-Specific Nutrition
First Month
A Comprehensive Assessment
4 one-hour sessions with Vito
Meal Planning
and more...
Next 6 Months
UNLIMITED guidance via email or through scheduled in-person or phone sessions with Vito.
Performance Monitoring
Nutrition Planning and Adjustments


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