7 Tips to Optimize Your Workout : Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

7 Tips to Optimize Your Workout : Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

1. Foam Roll Before & After Your WorkoutIMG_3286

Foam rolling is a Self-Myofascial Release technique (think self-massage) that improves flexibility, function, and performance during your workouts. It also lowers your risk of injury, improves spinal alignment, and aids in post-workout recovery.


RAMP stands for Range of motion Activation and Movement Preparation. RAMP warm-up exercises increase your performance levels, as well as lower the risk of injury.

3. Dynamic Warm-Up

Immediately following the RAMP, continue your movement prep with a dynamic warm-up. The dynamic warm-up takes the entire body through all planes of movement before the workout. Again, it both increases performance and lowers the risk of injury.

4. Focus on Form

Most gym goers workout out as hard and as fast as they can, thinking this is what gets them the best results. While it is important to leave it all on the gym floor and really tap your system, it is equally important to have good form throughout the workout. An exercise’s effectiveness is in direct relation to the quality of form. Poor form, poor results.

5. Workout Non-Competing Muscle Groups

For example, if you are doing a lower body exercise, you can immediately move to an upper body exercise to challenge the cardiovascular system and keep the working muscles fresh. This will actually cut down your rest time so you can get through the workout quicker.

6. Drink a Post-Workout Recovery ShakeIMG_3063

This could be a whole blog post on its own, but the long and short of it is this: If you don’t consume a post-workout recovery shake within the first 30 minutes immediately following your workout (optimally within the first 10 minutes), you basically un-do all the work you just put in. Your muscles need that fuel to repair themselves. Results come from BOTH the workout and the recovery. Skip the shake, skip the results.

7. Recover, Recover, Recover!

Recovery is the other half of the results equation. To truly optimize your workout, focus on proper recovery. Beyond the post-workout recovery shake, recovery includes adequate water consumption, adequate sleep, adequate rest, proper nutrition, active recovery (low-intensity activities such as walking), and stress reduction.

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